Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check

A valid Voter ID serves as identification proof and is a mandatory document for voting purposes. In this fast-paced world, everything is done online as it saves time. Gone are the days when you have to stand in long queues to apply for the Bangladesh National ID card check online or check your status.

Nowadays you can check your voter ID card details online in just a few seconds You can now check the status of your Voter ID application and also make changes online Here is a guide on the same.

What is Voter ID Card?

A Voter ID Card, also known as a ‘Voter Registration Card’ or ‘Election Card’ is issued to an Indian citizen by the Election Commission of India.
This acts as proof of your citizenship and allows you to cast your vote in the country. This photo ID helps to improve the accuracy of the voter list and prevent electoral fraud.

Bangladesh National Id Card Check Online. Presently those of you who are new voters or want to check your voter ID cards online. This post is very important for them today. Because many of you still don’t know how to check or download a voter ID card.

“Bangladesh National ID card check online”

Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check
Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check

National Id Card Check Online

It takes four to five months for many to get a voter ID card and some do not get it within this period. Before that, if you need your voter ID card very much, then you can get the voter ID card online. But you need to know about online.

But from now you can extract or check your voter ID card through your mobile. You can extract your voter ID card with your mobile or computer.

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Many new voters are facing many problems in checking their ID cards. Many people are not able to get voter ID cards online. So this post is very important to read carefully then you can easily check your voter ID card, and download or save it.

national id card check online

Bd national id card checks online at home. Who fills out an application form to become a new voter in Bangladesh? After that, submitting the application form to the Election Commission, he gives the photo and finger. Then a slip is given, and there is a number of 9 digits, we will check the voter ID card through the Slip number.

Steps for Checking Voter ID Card

So let’s get started. Eight Steps to Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check | Voter ID card Download

First Step:  open any browser on your mobile or computer and search nid card check or Bangladesh national id card check on Google. Then the first page that will appear is the website at Click on that website. Then the home page like the picture below will open in front of you.

Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check
Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check

nid Card Check or Bangladesh national id card check After searching, the page will open like the image above on the home page, there are 2 options. One is the form number and the other is the NID card number. Those who have not received voter ID cards. They will check with the slip number. Check the steps to check your ID card carefully

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Those who have not received the voter ID card should put the slip number of nine digits of the form number in the 1st cell, then put your date of birth correctly in the next cell. And click on the empty cell where capture is given. Then you can see your voter information. id card online check bd

There you can see your NID or Voter ID card number and save it for later use. And don’t lose this number of yours.

2nd Step: You will see your NID card number by checking the voter form slip number. In the next step on the website, it says login and registers click on anyone.

3rd Step: After clicking on the Register button a web page will open click on it.

4th step: Then give your NID card number and date of birth correctly then fill in the new capture and proceed to the next step.

5th Step: After giving your NID card number and date of birth, now give your account information. Enter your Constituency Name, District Name, and Division Name exactly as given on the Voter ID Card.

6th step: If wrong but your registration will not be valid. So take time and sit properly. Then you need to verify your mobile number. The mobile number you have given while giving your voter form number will be displayed on this page.

7th step: You can change the number by clicking on the option. Click for a code A code will go to your phone Enter that code in the empty cell and click on the next step. After the number verification is completed, the profile picture will be displayed in front of you and it will ask you to set up a password.

Step 8: You can set a password if you want. If you don’t want to, you can go to the next step. The benefit of setting up a password is that you can easily check your voter ID card later if you want to check or download it.

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Systems for Downloading Voter ID Cards

If you have set a password then go to the next step with the voter id card number and password given by you. Again, you can skip it if you want. This page contains all the details of your voter ID card and you can see the download option of your ID card on the site. Then click on the download button and your ID card will be downloaded.

You can do all your work with this card. You can print it and use it for whatever you need without any problem. You can do all your work with this ID card until you get a smart card. And if there is any problem understanding our text, please comment.

People of all ages now need a nid card. Read our next post to understand better. To know more information visit our site and share like comment share opportunity for everyone to see. thank you

Importance of Voter ID Card

It is an identity-proof and can be used to get services in this country, This allows you to cast your vote in the election. It proves that you are an Indian citizen. It helps reduce electoral fraud.

You can avail of special offers which are launched by the Government of India from time to time.

New Steps to Search Your Voter ID Card Online

Step 1: Go to Select Search website. This website stores the information of all voters after 2 or 3 weeks of applying for their voter ID card.

Step 2: On the homepage of the website, you will have two options to enter your details. The first method is to type your Epic number and the second option is to search by filling in your personal information.

Step 3: If you choose the first option, you need to enter your Epic Number, State, and Security Code displayed on the screen and click on “Search”. If you are a registered voter, your details will appear on the screen.

Step 4: You can also choose the “Search by Details” option and enter details like your full name, age, date of birth, state, district, and constituency, and click on “Search” to find your voter ID card details. If you are a registered voter, your details will appear on the screen.
If you can’t find your details on the Electoral Search website, you can try visiting your state election website.

NID card check online is a very easy process that saves you a lot of time and energy. You can check it from anywhere in the world using any device that can connect to the internet and browse the web.

But how do you check it? Let’s go through a step-by-step process that you can use to guide yourself to checking your NID card online.

NID Card Check Online

Thanks to the digitization of Bangladesh’s NID system, it is really easy for anyone to check their NID card online. It literally takes you a few minutes at most to go through the whole thing.

But first things first; To be able to use this convenient feature you need to register your online account The registration process is very simple. Go to the official webpage of Bangladesh NID Card and search for the registration option.

Once you find it, go through the steps to complete the simple process. You will need to fill in some information about yourself and create a password to log into your account next time.

Having it is extremely convenient for everyone as you can download your National Identity Card from any device with an internet connection on it. This can come in handy in many situations and that’s why you need to register for an online account there.

Download NID Online Copy 2023

And if you need NID card, you can just log into your account and download it now. You can then print it or send digital copies wherever you want, which is pretty amazing.

How to check  NID card?

Online NID card check is quite easy if you use the method. Below, you will find a step-by-step process that will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Make sure to read and follow the steps precisely and you will have no problem checking your NID card online.

  • First, open your web browser and go to the official link
  • There, you will find the homepage and you have to scroll to the bottom of this page.
  • Once you scroll down, you will find a section to log into your account.
  • Enter your NID card number in the empty box. You can also use your username to complete this step.
  • You will find an empty box just below it to put your password. Enter the password you set when registering for your account.
  • Finally, you have to complete a captcha challenge. You will see an image with some letters and numbers on it. Enter them correctly in the blank box for capture.

Now, go through the whole thing and check if you have made any mistakes.

If not, press Login.

This will take you to the final page and there you will have your NID card. You can download the card as a PDF file or take a screenshot from it.

NID Card Status Check

After you complete the registration, you will receive an SMS on your phone that the registration process is complete. And the process to check NID card status is the same as the steps we mentioned earlier.

However, make sure to use a registered SIM number to avoid any issues. Once your NID is activated, you can check it online without any problem.

Complete Video Guide of Bangladesh National ID card check online | voter id card check

Frequently Asked Questions on Voter ID Card

If I work and live in Delhi can I vote in my village home?

Yes, you can vote at your home even if you work and live in Delhi. The only condition you must fulfill is that you must not be a registered voter in any other constituency.

How can I know the polling station details?

Go to the voter portal and log in to your profile to know your polling station details.

How can I ensure that everyone in my family is together on the voter list?

By accessing the voter portal (URL) or downloading the voter helpline mobile application on your smartphone, family members can be added as a group.

Can I show my Aadhaar as proof of identity to cast my vote if I don’t have my voter ID card?

Yes, if your voter ID card is not available you can show your Aadhaar as proof of identity to cast your vote.

Is there any website or portal where I can check my voter ID card details?

You can check your voter id card details from the website

Can I download a copy of my voter ID card online?

Go to or the website you can on your smartphone.

Is there a way to check the voter ID card details of a deceased person online?

You can click on the official voter portal or website to check the voter ID details by providing the deceased’s details such as their voter ID number, mobile number, or email ID along with the password. In case of deletion of the deceased’s name from the list, submit Form 7.

How can I check the voter ID card details of my family members online?

Visit the official voter portal and provide details like voter id number, mobile number, or email id along with a password to check the voter id details of your family members online.

Visit your election commission of Bangladesh website.

Last Word

Hope, you have learned how to check NID card online with our steps. Make sure to follow the instructions properly and you will find it very easy to test.

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