Online NID Correction BD National ID Card (আইডি কার্ড সংশোধন)

Online NID Correction BD is very easy. The complete process can be done through the online system on the NID portal. You can easily modify NID information (Name, Photo, Address, Date of Birth, Parent’s Name). In 2023, revisions will be initiated through an application.

Learn how to correct your NID cards online. Every citizen above the age of 18 must have a NID (National Identity Card). Sometimes you find mistakes in your NID card. At that time you need to correct your NID. Before you apply, you need to know the NID correction process, NID correction forms online BD, NID correction fee, how to pay the NID correction fee, etc.

online NID Card Correction BD
online NID Card Correction BD

Online NID Correction BD

Your NID correction application can be done anytime from anywhere. Election Commission Bangladesh (ECB) has started the Online NID Service. With this service, Bangladeshi People can save time on NID-related activities. You can apply for a voter ID card songsodhon many times. But you have to pay an extra charge every time for your application.

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You need to provide some scanned documents for your online NID correction. Most people suffer from their NID name change procedure. But now with NID Seba Portal the whole process has become much easier.

So, prepare the required documents for uploading before starting online NID correction BD. Online NID Correction Form Although the NID correction procedure is completely online, some changes have to be done through the Election Commission. You have to submit and fill out an application form manually.

This process is applicable for voter change and photo change. You have to download the online nid songsodhon form from the NID portal. Fill in all the information required to make your change and submit it to the authority.

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NID card correction online application fee NID (re-issue)

Application Normal (30 Days) Express (7 Days)
1st Apply 260 tk 300tk
2nd Apply 345 tk 500 tk
3rd Apply 500 tk 1000 tk

NID Correction Fee

1st Apply 230 tk
2nd Apply 340 tk
3rd Apply 500 tk

There are many types of applications related to NID cards. such as Online NID Correction, Online NID Reissue, Information Update, NID Renewal.

The application fee is different for each change. Try to know all the details about the correction before you start the online BD NID correction form.

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Bangladesh’s government has made this amendment for the citizens of this country. Most people have minor mistakes in NID. They can easily amend their voter ID card by submitting an online application.

How to Amend NID Card Online The process of online NID correction is simple. But you have to be careful while doing this. If you make a mistake it will be painful for you.

If there is any mistake in your NID card it should be corrected. Because now everything is digitized. You may be required to provide your NID card information at any time.

To correct your NID card online you need to register first. Follow: Visit NID Services Portal

Online NID Correction BD National ID Card (আইডি কার্ড সংশোধন)
Online NID Correction BD National ID Card (আইডি কার্ড সংশোধন)

Click on ‘Register’ Enter your NID number, permanent address, current address, and phone number You will receive an OTP code Enter the code and press ‘Enter’ After you register with your NID card you can change your NID card.

nid online copy download
nid online copy download

Then: After you enter your profile click on ‘Edit’ There you can change what you need Then press ‘Next’ View preview and submit the application.

  • Download and print the application form.
  • Then you need to complete the payment and upload the required documents.
  • After submitting your application you have to wait a few days.
  • You will receive a message from 105 about your application.

You can easily modify your name, age, and parent’s name in this way. NID is the most important thing for a Bangladeshi citizen.

However, if you have lost your voter ID card, you can get a new one by applying for GD at the police station. Or you can download a copy of your Voter ID online.

So follow the given system to correct the NID cards online with a simple process. What documents need to be uploaded? There you need to upload some documents as proof of your online NID correction.

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The authorities will verify those documents and approve your application. You should upload Your educational certificate Utility bill (tax or electricity or water bill) Online Birth Certificate, NID card of your father and mother Citizenship, Certificate, and Passport copy, (if required).

If you do not upload any documents, your application may not be approved. Make sure you provide the proper documents along with your NID card correction application.

You can download an online copy of the NID card if you want. Every Bangladeshi citizen applies for correction of name, age, address, and other details on the voter ID cards. How to pay the NID correction fee You must pay the application fee after you complete your application. Your application will not be accepted without payment.

You can pay the fee through all branches of Bangladesh Bank and Sonali Bank. Also, you can pay by mobile banking system Bkash, Rocket, and cash. Print out the payment slip for proof. We have shown you how to correct NID online through the NID service portal. Now you can apply for your NID card anytime.

You can also check your application anytime by logging into the NID service website. By following this mentioned system you can easily complete your ID card correction process online in 2023.

Cons: if you want to online and it is a correction you have to follow instructions perfectly. Recently online info correction is very easy. If you want so you can change your NID correction within a few days. If you need to correct any information on your national ID card in Bangladesh so you can apply for NID correction online by following the above instructions.

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